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Investment Advisory

Developing an Investment Strategy that Fits Your Goals

Why Invest with Us?

Your investments should be based on your needs and goals

And not a cookie-cutter strategy, like tech-based platforms or large wirehouse firms provide.

We follow an evidence-based approach

By focusing on the long-term and research-driven methods—never market timing or the latest hype.

We take the time to provide education

And enjoy collaborating with you to craft a portfolio you’re committed to and that you're comfortable with. 

PFM Bozeman, MT Professional Financial Management, Inc. Tailored to your risk profile Bozeman, MT Professional Financial Management, Inc.

With PFM, Your Portfolio Will Be…

  • Tailored to your risk profile and needs
  • Strategically allocated
  • Oriented towards long-term outcomes
  • Rebalanced annually

What Does Your Path Look Like?

No matter what stage of life you’re in, we’re dedicated to helping you strategically manage your money, map out a path to your goals, and conquer your life’s next steps.

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