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Leading You Through the Financial Wilderness

How It Works

15 minute introduction Bozeman, MT Professional Financial Management, Inc.

15 Minute Introduction

In this call, you'll let us know what you’re looking for in an advisor and what you need guidance with, and we’ll share more about our approach and the services we offer. This is an opportunity for both of us to see if it makes sense to work together.

Schedule Your Call

Discovery Meeting Bozeman, MT Professional Financial Management, Inc.

Discovery Meeting

If we’ve decided we’re a good fit to collaborate, we’ll have a discovery meeting to determine your goals and objectives, and we’ll gather the necessary documentation to begin.

Planning Meeting Bozeman, MT Professional Financial Management, Inc.

Planning Meeting

Understanding where you are now is the first step of financial planning. We’ll illustrate where you currently stand and then present you with various paths to close gaps towards your goals. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the plan that resonates best with you.

Implementation Bozeman, MT Professional Financial Management, Inc.


At this point, we’ll get you set up in our system and onboard you as an official client. You’ll be prepared with next steps to put your financial plan and investment strategy into action.

Your Finances Are Intricately Connected to Your Life

Which is why building a relationship with you is at the heart of our process. By understanding if we’re a good fit and getting to know you, we can develop a made-just-for-you strategy. And with a strong plan in place, you can enjoy the moment you’re in as you move towards the goals ahead.

Take the First Step

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